🔍 About SA5's Detect Lib

About the SA5 Detect Library
This this lib supports detection of your visitor characteristics, and actions based on them.
Initially we are focused on geo-detection using a GEOIP methodology.
  • Route users to specific pages depending on their location
Coming soon;
  • Conditionally display elements depending on location


User-agent detection, with accordant routing and conditional-vis;
  • Language
  • Device type
  • Browser type
  • etc.
First time visitor detection.
Referral detection.
Onready callback
Data binding

Detection Overrides

E.g. use case
dropdown showing countries
detected country selected
changing forces a change on the country setting
reloads page to reapply detect with override setting
Explicit overrides on detected UserInfo, such as the country, city, browser type...
Set by script,
set directly on overrides objects, via detect
Saved data binds
Override Detects UserInfo?
  • Override country
  • Override city
  • Override language
  • Override browser type
And remember - cache overrides?

Filter defaulting

Support for queries, like UserInfo load triggers, and the ability to e.g. trigger FS filters depending on those details automatically.
Initialization only, once.
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