🔍 About SA5's Webflow User Accounts Lib

Why it exists and how it extends Webflow's Memberships
This library extends Webflow's Memberships feature with a few much needed features;

Access to User Info

SA5 gives you the ability to access the currently logged-in user's info from anywhere in your site. Access User data in custom code, or conveniently through attribute-based data-binding.
You can access everything...
  • Name, email, and opt-in
  • Custom user data fields that you've defined.
  • Access groups [ BETA ]

Memberships Navigation

SA5 also gives you the ability to route users specially during the Memberships process, during login and sign-up processes.
  • Route a user after login
  • Route a user specially after the first login
To get started, see Quick Start.
Last modified 5mo ago