🔍 About SA5's Elements Lib

About the SA5 Elements Library
SA5 Elements is a new library ( Aug 2023 ) that centralizes all of our Smart Webflow Elements, and other custom elements we've created.
Currently this lib focuses on;
  1. 1.
    Providing JS API's for Webflow's existing elements, where it's useful. Change tabs, navigate the slider, disable buttons, etc.
  2. 2.
    Capturing key events that you can respond to in custom code, like a slide or tab change- whether it was done by a user, or automatically ( auto-slides ), or by script.
  3. 3.
    Adding functionality where it's missing, such as Lightbox captions from the CMS.
  4. 4.
    Adding new elements where it's useful

Deck Elements

We’re evolving a standardized “deck” interface for elements which share a deck-style UI. We define that as card-style UX where generally only one card is visible or “primary” at a time;
  • Tabs elements
  • Slider elements
  • Accordion elements ( custom )
  • Tinder-style decks ( custom )
All of these share the same base API for next, prev, first, etc. This way the element can be changed out without needing to rewrite your code.
See the Deck Controller for easy nocode navigation of Tabs and Slider elements.


We're considering the possibility of variant UX's that are based on existing elements. For example;
  • Steppers ( or Progress Steps ) designed specifically for wizard style multi-step forms. Would likely be based on Tabs, or our Accordion.
  • Card stacks, which are swiped. Based on carousel, but with a different visual UX more like a tinder deck, with events for yes, no, favorite, and a down swipe, and possibly UX for card info or a tap to flip effect.
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