Library Modules

WFU’s capabilities are separated into functional modules;
  • webflow-data - Creates data-sources from Collection Lists and remote JSON and CSV sources.
  • webflow-forms - Enabled binding data-sources to Form elements including select and text elements.
  • webflow-html - Lower-level HTML functionality, including-
    • The ability to bind Collection List data to a Webflow element’s custom attributes.
    • IFRAME utilities, such as auto-sizing
  • webflow-id - Creates unique ID’s, including UUIDs and MUIDs, for programmatic use.
  • webflow-content - Generates content, such as lorem-ipsum text, primarily for layout testing.
  • webflow-multilingual - Enabled language detection and easy content-switching for multilingual sites.
  • webflow-table - Generate HTML tables from a JSON datasource.

Under Development

  • webflow-modal - Supporting modal-pop-ups without the need for interactions. Full Webflow design capabilities. CMS-driven scheduling options.
  • webflow-svg - Experimental support for SVG manipulations.
  • webflow-ui - UI Components, such as 5-star ratings.
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