🔍 About Sygnal's Hyperflow

Add Superpowers to your Webflow site.
Most of our clients bring us in for special projects that push Webflow beyond its capabilities.
Popular areas are custom URL paths, faster sites, complex integrations, content security, dynamic SEO… so we’ve begun building these as a set of formal services that we can integrate for clients.
We call this service framework Sygnal Hyperflow.
All of the services in Hyperflow are built on a reverse proxy framework that we’ve custom-built for Webflow, and it basically lets us add all of the things Webflow can’t do natively.
So far, the primary services include;
  • Fluid paths. Assign any path to any page, with full SEO treatment- canonical URLs and sitemap are automatically updated.
  • DevProxy. Use a full professional development environment with Webflow for all of your custom code. Use Github, professional IDE’s, TypeScript and SASS, and get full Dev, Test, and Prod environments using your live site content.
  • Performance boost your Webflow-hosted with with edge caching and full image optimization, including your CMS-stored images.
  • Cache your site for substantial traffic reduction if you are at risk of exceeding your Webflow hosting plan limits.
  • Custom SEO - custom sitemaps, canonicals,
  • Merged sites. Combine several sites under a single domain.
  • Split sites. Break one Webflow hosted site into multiple, for e.g. lead funnel pages for your specific products.
And we’re considering many others, like;
  • Webflow localization on custom domain like and subdomains like
  • Global variables, that can be updated externally.
  • Supercharged User accounts.
  • Continuous audio and SPAs.

Why is this part of the SA5 docs?

Hyperflow is not part of SA5's open source archive, and not designed to be self-implemented.
If we can expose the functionality through Webflow Apps and other self-install approaches, we will, however at present each client configuration is unique, and we hand build, customize and configure each client's reverse proxy specially.
However, Hyperflow integrates with and augments SA5. For example, SA5 User Accounts will be supercharged when Hyperflow is setup for the site.
If you see features here that you need on your site, contact us.

What does Hyperflow do?

Hyperflow adds a huge range of improvements to your Webflow site;
  • Massive performance improvements, frequently bringing Google Lighthouse scores into the high 90's range.
  • Flexible "fluid" paths, including dynamic CMS-driven hierarchies
  • SEO capabilities, like custom sitemaps, custom canonicals, custom nofollow link refs
  • Integration support, e.g. Google Adsense, Apple iTunes Store
  • Special features, like location detection and gating
  • Added security
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