Hyperflow Richtext

Enhance Richtext capabilities from the ground up
Provide all of SA5's RTB capabilities at the ground level.
  • Nested lists
  • Automated linking
  • Automated transforms and embedding

Components Support

One of the primary issues in embedding components into richtext is the lack of CSS isolation. We may be able to resolve this by;
  • Adding the RTB's custom class to all of its sub elements automatically
  • ? ignoring content in Embeds...
  • Updating the Webflow-generated CSS file so that RTB/RTE styling only applies to sub-elements within the RTB.
This would make it possible to drop in a component or embed without risk of it being affected by the RTB.
? Is there a way to mutate CSS classes and proxy the styling of another class
Possibly, ad
Instead of modifying Webflow's CSS, generate and cache a new one. Inject it only into pages with the necessary RTB.
Or place it as a style embed, from KV store.
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