Hyperflow Site Redirector

Used to redirect a custom map of URLs

Use Cases

  • You've rebuilt and rebranded your site on an entirely new platform. Both the URLs and domain name have changed.
  • You've split part of your site out into a new site, and you need clean redirection for all of those pages
  • You want to keep your SEO and backlinks, so redirecting individual pages map-style is valuable

Technical Notes

  • Redirects are all 301 redirects
  • Implemented as a worker
  • Typical worker route is e.g. ** to map everything, but this is not mandatory
  • Map is stored as a JSON object in the worker's KV store
  • Has a fallback for unmatched items

Configuration Notes

Configuration is stored in the KV store, under a site identifier key, which is the naked domain, e.g.
Value includes a fallback URL for anything unknown, and a list of redirects.
"fallback": "",
"redirects": {
"/": "",
"/privacy": "",
"/team/mike": "",
Within the redirects;
  • Key must be unique, and is path-only.
  • Value must be a full URL to redirect to;
    • You can use the same destination multiple times
    • You can redirect to any URL, thus splitting a site among multiple destinations


  • Tracking stats?
  • Google analytics trigger?
  • Special path handling e.g. /robots.txt and /sitemap.xml
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