Hyperflow User Accounts

Supercharge Webflow User Accounts


Webflow's User Accounts is a very limited system.
  • No ability to connect it to external billing platforms.
  • No ability to dynamically migrate live user accounts from another platform.
  • No access-group ga
  • Stale data, based on user account settings
  • No ability to immediately revoke access
  • No ability to change email address

Why use Webflow?

If we're going to extend Webflow's User Accounts infrastructure substantially, why bother using Webflow User Accounts at all?
It's certainly possible to replace the authentication, user data storage, admin, API, etc, however Webflow already provides;
  • A designer-integrated admin capability
  • A basic set of screens and processes for sign-up, log-in, and account management
  • An integrated model for [ page level ] access-group gating
  • An API for accessing all of the User data
  • A subscription billing mechanism, as an option
All built into the Webflow platform as part of the base subscription. We can use those parts and fix;
  • User data access within the site, for personalization
  • Element-level gating by access-group
  • Improved security
  • Mechanics like partial-content previews
  • Possibly improved billing options, and integrations with other systems for the access-group determination.

Access User Info in Site

Access to user info is crucial to your ability to deliver a personalized experience.
+ Hyperflow
+ SA5 User Info
Webflow User Accounts
Yes, current
Yes, current
Yes, as of last login
Yes, current
Yes, as of last login
Custom User Data
Yes, current
Yes, as of last login
Account is active right now? *
Yes, current
No. Whether the account is active or exists is only tested at login.
Access Groups
Yes, current
Yes, as of last login
No, but page-level gating can utilize Access Groups to gate content

Platform Capabilities

+ Hyperflow
+ SA5 User Info
Webflow User Accounts
Access-group-gated Elements
Trivial, and secure
Possible, but access groups are from last login, and uses custom code. Also not secure as the elements are removed by client-side script.
Change a User's access groups immediately, e.g. over the phone
Partial. User would have to log out, and back in again.
Partial. User would have to log out, and back in again.
Have access group changes take effect immediately.
Immediate lock-out
In Webflow, the login token and access groups are issued at the point of login. Once login is complete, that token lasts for about 3 days, and may even be auto-refreshed as the user visits.
The impact of this is essential to understand;
  • Adding or revoking access groups does not take effect until the next login
  • Deleting the account does not prevent access, or automatically log the user out
  • A subscription expiry does not necessarily(?) revoke access


  • Custom user data storage
  • 3rd party integrations
    • e.g. Mailchimp list sync
  • Likes & favorites
  • Variable refresh models
    • On-demand refresh for sensitive access updates
    • Timed refresh
      • Page-specific rules?
        • META data
  • Auto-logout
  • Voting and asset-based likes tracking
  • CMS field updates
  • External subscription options via Stripe
    • Easy ability establish and cancel subscriptions
    • Easy ability to change subscriptions [ and pro-rate ]
    • Immediate awareness of what subscription is active, and tie to access groups
    • Platforms
      • Stripe
      • BMAC
      • Patreon
  • Change email address process;
    • Create a new invite, and verify it
    • Migrate existing account data
      • Including billing
    • Remove old account
  • Dynamic access groups
    • Certain access groups can be assigned through external systems like Stripe & BMAC.
      • Or synced by API


  • Obtain Webflow UserID
  • Main sync copy in KV store of each User record
  • Retrieve the current record on request
Two modes;
  • Retrieve as an endpoint
  • Retrieve automatically into the page as an SA5 user object
  • SA5 User Info lib would pick that up automatically and use it instead of the typical retrievals
Isolate by site?
subdomain v. subdir

Stored Data

"bio":"Standard <input type=\"text\"> form fields are designed for single-line text input and do not support multi-line text. To allow for multi-line text input, you should use a <textarea> element, which is specifically designed for this purpose. However, if for",
"email":"[email protected]",


  1. 1.
    Install the Worker
  2. 2.
    Setup the KV Store
  3. 3.
    Setup your domain Worker Routes
e.g. ** -> webflow-user-accounts
  1. 4.
    Get your Webflow SiteID
e.g. 59b8d49f7fdf9700017d780f
  1. 5.
    Create Webflow Webhooks
Can e setup within your site dashboard;
  1. 5.

Sync Process

List Users
Update User on each, with no payload


Generate API token
User Accounts - Read-only
// Some code
message: "OAuthForbidden: You are missing the following scopes - 'users:read'",
code: "missing_scopes",
externalReference: null,
details: [ ]
{ "version": 1, "siteId": "...", "token": "..." }
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