Hyperflow Localization Smart-Routing

Webflow's Localization offers auto-routing on the advanced localization plan however it has some problems;

  • Pricing, for many, is out of reach as it more than doubles the cost per-locale, for all locales

  • It cannot differentiate between locales, i.e. it uses language only. This means that if you have e.g. en-US, and en-GB, it will force all English browsers to one of these.

    • This appears to happen even when the user explicitly selects a locale from the dropdown

The Locale-Determination Problem

  • The problem may be that WF does not check the locale and match appropriately

  • It may also be that many browsers do not identify a specific locale and my simply identify themselves as en.

Hyperflow Solution


  • Check the browser for locale

  • If only language is specified, attempt to further determine locale on the basis of location

    • as determined by GeoIP

  • Log this, for stats

  • Determine available locales

    • By config? manifest? other?

  • Identify best match

  • Route accordingly, if needed

If user changes locale via locale switcher;

  • Remember full locale, and utilize

If user arrives on a specific localed page;

  • Set this as the preferred locale

  • Capture stats?


Map, containing;

  • All supported locales

    • May include both en and en-GB forms.

  • Related path

  • Identification of default locale

    • May or may not have a prefix

  • Ability to determine alt paths

    • LINKs altlang

      • Cache in KV map table based on default locale path?

      • Reset on rebuild?

Preferred locale storage;

  • Localstorage? But with a supported localed map version. If map is updated, update date, will reject localstorage data as outdated.

Process Diagram

Functional detail;

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