SA5 Forms Future

Expandable Forms

Design concept

// Some code
<div wfu-form-expand 
  <div ?wfu-form-expand-item
    <input name="abc"
    blah... blah... blah... 
    <button wfu-form-expand-btn-add
    <button wfu-form-expand-btn-remove
    <button wfu-form-expand-btn-move
    <button wfu-form-expand-btn-add

  • Locate [wfu-form-expand], iterate

  • ? Wrap contents

  • Duplicate to achieve min

  • Wire buttons add / remove / move

  • Add will append one and give focus to the first input?

    • Remove ID's

    • Renumber and update names

    • Default input

  • Remove removes and renumbers

    • Separate renumbering algo

  • ! Review add/remove scenarios

On submit;

  • Auto-remove blanks?


  • Drag&drop vs up&down

  • Required

This is one of those UX’s that’s a bit different for each client, so it’s tricky to build a one-size-fits-all solution. However the basic approach is to use custom code to duplicate your form sub-section, and then append a suffix to the name -2, -3, etc.

It gets a bit more complex with e.g. multi-item additions, item removals, more than 1 initial item, item re-ordering, and automatic pre-submit cleanup of empty fields. But other than that if they’re simple input fields this works OK.

I personally prefer to have the script also append -1 to the initial item names for consistency on the form submit data, and I double-wrap the DIVs for convenience of cloning and counting. I also tend to scrape any ID’s ( Webflow likes to add these automatically to form fields ), because they may confuse scripts.

If you need help and have a specific form design you can show me, DM me with the details and I can give you an estimate.

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