Tabs Layout Handler

Generate CMS-bound tabs and nested tabs

Use Cases

  • Create tabs from CMS content

  • Create nested tabs from two collection lists in a master-detail arrangement

    • e.g. Countries and Cities

Usage Notes

SA5 automatically detects when the wfu-layout attribute is positioned on a tabs element, and will create tabs automatically.

wfu-layout-handler = auto | none | tabs

Default is auto, when unspecified.


Technical Notes

This is the most basic Tabs rendition created, before webflow.js has initialized it.

<div wfu-tabs-target="_main" data-current="Tab 1" data-easing="ease" data-duration-in="300" data-duration-out="100" class="w-tabs">
   <div class="w-tab-menu">
      <a data-w-tab="Tab 1" class="w-inline-block w-tab-link w--current">
         <div>Tab 1</div>
      <a data-w-tab="Tab 2" class="w-inline-block w-tab-link">
         <div>Tab 2</div>
      <a data-w-tab="Tab 3" class="w-inline-block w-tab-link">
         <div>Tab 3</div>
   <div class="w-tab-content">
      <div data-w-tab="Tab 1" class="w-tab-pane w--tab-active"></div>
      <div data-w-tab="Tab 2" class="w-tab-pane"></div>
      <div data-w-tab="Tab 3" class="w-tab-pane"></div>

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