Locale URLs

Fix static URL in Webflow sites to maintain the correct URL

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Fix literal URLs to match the current locale.

In Webflow;

  • CMS items cannot link to known pages, you must use a static URL like /contact

  • Static designer link elements cannot link directly to a CMS item, you must use a static URL like /blog/awesome-article-23

  • Localization ignores static URLs, including relative urls

  • This breaks navigation for users in an alt locale


  • Finds specifically tagged links via the wfu-locale-url attr

  • Determines the current language from the body lang

  • Looks up the correct path

  • Updates the URL accordingly


Add support for FQDN URLs, e.g. https://www.thissite.com/some-path

Automatic detection of links ?

Verify functionality on primary domains which are in a /subdir

? Auto-determine the list of supported locales and paths

Usage Notes

I want this link to be locale-fixed.

wfu-locale-url = fix

Determine list of locales and paths

Determine current locale from path or lang

Fix path accordingly to match current URL target

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