Likes & Favorites Tracking ❺πŸ§ͺ

Track likes, favorites, page visits, and more.


This feature described a general-purpose external tracking mechanism, integrated with Webflow.

Use Cases

  • Track anonymous likes on a collection item such as a product or block post

  • Allow only logged-in users to like anonymously ( but everyone to see ).

  • Track page visits

  • Track button clicks

This feature is likely to always work on an anonymous basis, meaning that it will never know who clicked an item, and therefore features like one-like-per-user or remove-like, or show-me-my-favorite's are not supported here. Look at Wized, or possibly JetBoost + Memberstack, if you need to combine those.

Although this design provides a flexible tracking mechanism, we do not advise using it for analytics or conversion metrics. GTM and Analytics are purpose-built for that.


This feature is in early prototyping stages.

Technical Notes

Balance simplicity with control.

Keys composed of 3 parts;


SiteID composed from;

Site IDCollection IDItem ID

Webflow SiteID

Path part? not viable


Webflow Hostname

Custom setting in custom attribute

Custom override ( to support change )

Custom override ( to support change )


Automatic tracking

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