Encoded Email

Encode your email addresses to minimize spam on exposed email addresses.

Sometimes you want to put an email in your web pages and website footer, but exposing it directly to bots is just horriffic.

Usage Notes

Pick any link element which you want to display an email address in.

  • Set it to a link of type email

  • Take the email you want to use, and encode it using the tool below

  • Paste the encoded email in as the email you want message sent to

  • If you want to visually display the email as the link text, paste the encoded email as the link text as well

  • Add the custom attribute of wfu-email-encoded to the link element

That's it. The published page will contain an unrecognizable email address in it. SA5 will then decode and display it once the library runs.

You can use other standard features as well like email subject.

Encoding Tool

Use this Codepen to do the encoding; it will return a garbled-looking email but that is the same length as your original email ( for formatting purposes ).

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