Future ideas for the YouTube hide related video feature

Fix race condition, or render issue

  • Ensure the YouTube Iframe API is loaded and ready before use.

    • Poss setInterval or setTimeout as a test.

  • Async timing issues.

  • Rendering- logging may be triggering the browser's rendering engine to update the view.

Panel overlay

Consider a redesign that support some form of panel-based overlay

  • In-designer content support

  • In-designer styling support

  • CMS content-binding support

  • Allows different styling per-video

This design would likely include a separate DIV with an named overlay tag, and the ability to-

  • Specify overlays per-video, or to use a default unnamed one

  • Specify different overlays for pause v. stop

  • Possibly include player and video info, title, current time, duration, etc

Other ideas

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