SA5 Core

The central engine

For some time we've been developing the central engine shared by all libraries. It has a few key roles;

  • Centralized debugging and debug state management

  • Event handler registration

  • Configuration handler registration

  • Global vars

Eventually, we'll be expanding it to add a few other key capabilities;

  • Remote monitoring

  • Smart-loading

What is Smart Loading?

Smart Loading is a means to conveniently detect and load SA5's many libraries dynamically, depending on the configurations found in the webpage-

  • Script config blocks

  • SA5 custom attributes


  • Drop in one references, and all libs are automatically accessible ( same version as core )

  • Detection of unknown attributes, or misspelled attributes, or obsolete

Loading Technique

Pre-DOM load

e.g. for inline script changes like SEO work

Post-DOM load

Most work is done here

if (document.readyState !== 'loading') {
    console.log('document is already ready, just execute code here');
} else {
    document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function () {
        console.log('document was not ready, place code here');

function myInitCode() {}

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