Sygnal Attributes ( SA5 ) Support

A review of the support options for the SA5 library and toolset

A note from Mike-

It has been great to watch the SA5 community grow so dramatically over the past several years. What started as a convenient toolset for my agency Sygnal and our client projects has becomes something much larger and more powerful than I anticipated - and it has helped many thousands of companies build better sites on Webflow.

However this success also comes at a price. The number of emails, feature quests, configuration questions and custom implementation requests I receive has multiplied 100-fold.

To put it simply, the number of requests I receive now is not manageable, and this means that I can no longer afford to offer free support for a free product.

I am still committed to SA5, and Sygnal still relies on it daily for every project we build. I'll still remain committed to improving the toolset, expanding the documentation and use cases.

However starting Jan 2024, all 1:1 support requests need to be handled differently, so you'll find the current options below.

Thanks for understanding!

Support options

Read the docs, and use the cloneables

There is an absolute ton of detailed documentation here. Please read it, and use the Webflow cloneable sites as your configuration reference. These will almost certainly have the answers to your questions.

In this documentation site, make certain to expand the left side navigation items as a lot of the details are collapsed in the navigation hierarchy.

Sygnal's micro-consulting

Sygnal has a special micro-consulting offering for Webflow designers and agencies. Essentially you can purchase a few hours of time, and then use it fractionally for bug fixes, troubleshooting, feature builds, integrations work, tech mentoring, and so on.

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Open source community

SA5 is an open source library, based on TypeScript.

We built it this way specifically so that the Webflow community could augment and extend the library in a manageable way.

Discourse forum

While we can't field specific support requests, we always want to know if the documentation need additional detail.

If something's unclear, you can message Sygnal's team in our Discourse forum.

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