GetTimely ❺πŸ§ͺ

Easily integrate versatile bookings into your Webflow site using GetTimely

This feature is not yet available to the public.

GetTimely originated as a salon-booking service, but its well-designed approach and excellent website integration make it a good choice for other business types as well such as smaller medical clinics.

Usage Notes

Define your dynamic elements

To the elements you want to dynamically show and hide, add these attributes;

wfu-book = timely

Identifies that this button triggers a booking with Timely.

wfu-book-service = service id

Specify a unique name for this element, which will allow you to identify it directly. No commas or periods.

wfu-book-category ( optional ) = category id

Indicates that this element should be displayed on page load, as a default state, before any trigger action occurs.

wfu-book-location ( optional ) = location id

Defines the CSS display type to use when the element is made visible- useful for elements that are flex or grid. Defauts to block.

? An element with a name, but no group, will be considered part of all groups

When using CMS data, a useful technique here is to assign a unique static group name, and then use Webflow's CMS-bound attributes to bind the CMS item slug as the element name attribute.

wfu-book-provider = select

Trigger-type aware;

  • Radio buttons

  • Buttons and other elements, click


  • Future - Selects

  • Future - Tabs

  • Future - Sliders

  • Code-based triggers

    • e.g. querystring checks - Use case- tracked referrer

wfu-element-target-group = (group-name)

Specify the group that you want to target.

wfu-element-target-name = (item-name)

Specify the element name you want to be visible. All other elements in the same group will be hidden.

If you want to make multiple elements visible, you can comma-separate them in this attribute.

Do not tag a single element as both an Element and as a Trigger.

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