SA5 Tabs Future Plans

Plan to add;

  • Select on # or query param, and scroll-to

  • Detection of common hidden state scenarios, and numbering, selection etc. based on the visible indices only.

    • Conditional visibility

  • Auto-select N ( e.g. if first is conditionally hidden, we get tab 2 )

  • Addition of informational attributes on the tabs outer element

    • no tabs state, tab count

  • Console log error if more than one tab element is accidentally assigned the same unique name.

Some things we're considering;

These are under consideration for implementation, and not yet implemented.


Pre-change event

Fire an event before a tab change happens, and allow the responding code to approve/deny the change. This is very interesting, for special flows such as multi-step forms.

However it requires;

  • Completely overriding the default webflow.js event handler

  • Replacement of that default handler with an SA5 variant

  • An event origination flag, i.e. user-initiated v. code-initiated

Change on Hover


Select on Query or #

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