Slider Code Examples

SA5 Slider Code Examples

These examples assume that;

  • You have a Slider

  • The Slider has a wfu-slider attribute with a value of slider1

  • You have the SA5 library installed

Here we'll use jQuery as

Remember to wrap your code in <script> </script> tags.

First, setup the slider object-

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', function() { 

  // Initialize SA5 Webflow Tabs
  sliderDemo = new sa5.WebflowSlider(
  // Perform any initial setup
  // e.g. select slide #2
  sliderDemo.currentNum = 2;

Setup any buttons or other triggers you want, to perform other navigations.

For example, suppose we have a button with an ID of buttonNext and we want it to navigate to the next slide;

// On button click, navigate to next slide 
document.querySelector('#buttonNext').addEventListener('click', function() {

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