Deck Controller Element ❺

Control and navigate deck elements like Tabs and Sliders

The Deck Controller provides simple no-code navigation capabilities using attributes that work across all deck-style elements, including SA5's Tabs and Sliders.


These attributes should be placed on a button, link, or other element which you want to click-trigger a specific deck navigation action.

wfu-deck-action = ( method )

Required. I want my button or link to perform the following action on the targeted deck element.

Method is one of;

  • first - select the first tab / slide

  • prev - select the previous tab / slide

  • next - select the next tab / slide

  • last - select the last tab / slide

  • goto - select the specified tab / slide

wfu-deck-target = ( deck name )

Optional. Specifies the wfu-tabs or wfu-slider name you want your action to target.

If unspecified, it will look for the nearest parent tabs or slider element as the target.

wfu-deck-action-item = ( item number or name )

Required for the goto action only. Specifies the tab / slide you want to navigate to.

  • a number - indicates the item number, 1, 2, 3...

  • a string - activates the tab / slide with the specified name


2024-Feb-04 - First release.

Getting Started ( NOCODE )

STEP 1 - Add the Library

First, add the library as detailed in Quick Start.

STEP 2 - Apply the custom attributes to the elements you want to affect

See above for details.

Deck Controller elements work together with SA5's Tabs or Sliders, so make sure to configure your Tabs or Sliders as well.

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