Add structured data to your Webflow site, easily


DO NOT USE this in production code, as it may be removed. We'll see if this approach works. Testing with Google is in progress.


Testing Google response to our script generated JSON-LD.


A great website is a wonderful thing, but it's useless if no one can find it.

In the SEO game, structured data is a powerful tool, but there is no direct support for generating it in Webflow.

Here we want to make that easier;

  • Generate structured JSON data reliably, with zero concerns about malformed JSON

  • Generate valid JSON-LD without needing to know the exact syntax, convert dates, or know constants

  • Handle arrays and sub-structures with the same level of ease

  • Do this all dynamically so that it can be accomplished with CMS data as well.

Working on;

  • Automatic timespan conversions to ISO-8601 durations

  • Automatic date conversions to ISO-8601 dates

  • ? decode HTML from Webflow embedded fields window.sa5.decodeHTML()

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