Google Business Profile API

Use Cases

Opening hours;

  • Open now?

    • If near closing, for how much longer are they open?

  • Get opening hours directly from Google Maps so they can be displayed on the site with no need to update.

  • Get holiday hours or special closures.

    • When near term ( within N days ), make this available for a popup or special notice of some form.


  • Get reviews, display dynamically.


  • Nearest location, and driving directions, for phone users?

Technical Notes

  • Caching

  • Data-Present Triggers

  • How to get Special Days for next 30 days ( instead of next 7 )

  • Google API key storage

## Google Places API

Use the fields parameter to specify a comma-separated list of place data types to return. For example: fields=formatted_address,name,geometry. Use a forward slash when specifying compound values. For example: opening_hours/open_now.

Fields are divided into three billing categories: Basic, Contact, and Atmosphere. Basic fields are billed at base rate, and incur no additional charges. Contact and Atmosphere fields are billed at a higher rate. See the pricing sheet for more information. Attributions, html_attributions, are always returned with every call, regardless of whether the field has been requested.


The Basic category includes the following fields: address_components, adr_address, business_status, formatted_address, geometry, icon, icon_mask_base_uri, icon_background_color, name, permanently_closed (deprecated), photo, place_id, plus_code, type, url, utc_offset, vicinity, wheelchair_accessible_entrance.


The Contact category includes the following fields: current_opening_hours, formatted_phone_number, international_phone_number, opening_hours, secondary_opening_hours, website


The Atmosphere category includes the following fields: curbside_pickup, delivery, dine_in, editorial_summary, price_level, rating, reservable, reviews, serves_beer, serves_breakfast, serves_brunch, serves_dinner, serves_lunch, serves_vegetarian_food, serves_wine, takeout, user_ratings_total.


Google Cloud API Key


Get your Place ID


  "place_id": "YOUR PLACE ID",
  "api_key": "YOUR API KEY"

Worker Route, e.g.



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