Hyperflow Google Docs

Embed Google document content directly in your Webflow page, with its original formatting.


Learn more about this product on the product page. Part of hf-google-doc.


  • Embed any public google doc directly into your Webflow-hosted site page

  • Modify the Google doc at any time

  • Preserve the exact Google doc styling

  • Fully part of the page, fully SEO-able

  • Does well with responsiveness

Use Cases

  • Include a current specials sheet or securely edited Google

  • Include content that Webflow cannot format well;

    • Tables

Feature Roadmap


Multiple Doc Embeds



  • Fully independent configs, including caching


Basic, fixed 5 mins

Configurable length

  • Global

  • fully configurable

  • part caching, i.e. transformed content only

  • by element, so different docs can have different cache settings


Matches Google Doc exactly;

  • Headings, paragraphs

  • Font family, color, and highlight color

  • Images

  • Complex layouts

  • Tables

  • Smart embeds

  • Links

Strip-style mode, apply a richtext class and use Webflow richtext elements. Implementation uses a rich text element as the styling base, and then replaces the sub-elements with a translation of Google Docs elements P, H1, H2, etc.

Strips only from Webflow-supported elements, others are still carry original style classes to prevent breakage, e.g. tables

Partial Embeds

No, full doc only

  • Considering


  • Utilize built-in header ID's for ToC purposes

  • Prefix IDs

  • Could auto-apply FS ToC classes?

Google Document Access

Must be shared as "viewable by anyone with the link"

May consider direct API access, for private docs.

Setup notes

  • Setup the page with hf-google-doc

  • In pages with this handler, drop an HTML embed with this content.

    • Use your own Google doc ID

      • Make sure your Google doc is accessible to anyone with the link

<script type="hyperflow/google-doc"

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