v1 Implementation Notes

Path Remapping implementation notes

4 Workers work together in this solution;

  • cmsitem-redirect handles all redirects from the source path to the destination path.

  • cmsitem-redirect-page handles all rewrites from source path to the destination path, as well as canonical URL changes.

  • cmsitem-redirect-sitemap handles the path remapping in the sitemap.xml

  • debug-rewrite handles all other pages, this is used for indirectly proxied sites, often in a test setup.

All of these draw from a central configuration file stored in the CONFIG KV store;

The key is your base domain, followed by :cmsitem-redirect;

e.g. mydomain.com:cmsitem-redirect

The value is a JSON config chunk that all of the cmsitem-redirect workers use, e.g.;

  "version": 1,
  "origin": "https://www.mysite.com", // optional, for indirect-proxy setup
  "type": "static", 
  "map": {
    "/blog/my-article": "/path/that/i/want/to/use" 

When modifying your config, it's essential to make sure your JSON is valid. We recommend you protect yourself from mistakes with these two practices;

  • Always validate your JSON, before setting a new config.

  • Always save your previous JSON config somewhere safe before changing it.

Worker routes;

Route ( example )WorkerNotes



Define the routes you want to be redirected here.



Define the routes wher



Define the route to your sitemap.xml.



Only needed for indirect proxy setups.

Note all config work is managed by the Config class within the cmsitem-redirect worker


  • Add dynamic map types

    • Support hiding of dynamic pages

Map Types

static, stored in KV as JSON

dynamic, generated on site, on a hidden page

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