Locale-Specific Domains

Use locale-specific domains and subdomains with your Webflow localized site.

Locale-Specific Domains & Sub-Domains


Path fixes

CMS paths are always

  • Determine current locale, and whether it's an alt locale

Fix paths so that they are e.g. /blog and not /fr/blog on the domain.fr custom domain.

Rel="alternate" Links

Adjust these to the domain per locale

Splitting Sitemaps by Locale

Research these;

It appears that for rel="alternate" links in the sitemap, you can reference a different domain legitimately;

<!-- Sitemap for example.com -->
     href="https://www.example.fr/page1" />

<!-- Sitemap for example.fr -->
     href="https://www.example.com/page1" />

Locale Switcher

Locale Map

FR -> domain.fr

EN -> domain.en


Auto language detection and routing?

No, because domain already is locale-specific and will have locale-specific SEO.

Cookie to handle preferred locale?

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