A/B Testing

  1. Splitting Traffic:

    • Write a Cloudflare Worker script that determines whether a request falls into group A or B. This can be done, for instance, by hashing some aspect of the request (like a cookie or the IP address) and then using the hash to determine which group the request should be in.

    • The traffic can be split based on percentages that you define, e.g., 50% of users to version A, 50% to version B.

  2. Serving Different Content:

    • Once the group is determined, the Worker can modify the request to fetch a different version of a resource or alter the response directly. This could mean serving different HTML, JavaScript, CSS, etc.

  3. Metrics and Analysis:

    • You’ll need to set up a way to track which version each user sees, along with performance metrics to measure the outcome of the test. This could be done by tagging requests or by using analytics tools.

    • Ensure that metrics are logged to a place where they can be analyzed, such as Google Analytics, Cloudflare Analytics, or your own logging system.

  4. Consistency:

    • To ensure a consistent user experience, once a user is assigned to group A or B, they should stay in that group for the duration of the test. This is usually done by setting a cookie.

  5. Managing Workers for A/B Testing:

    • Use Wrangler or the Cloudflare dashboard to deploy and manage your Workers.

    • You can deploy different Workers for different tests or use one Worker to manage multiple tests.

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