Hyperflow Page

Released to Sygnal production.

Hyperflow Page is a core architecture piece of the Hyperflow framework which fields the responses for every content page on a Webflow-hosted site.

It handles a wide range of permutations, such as;

  • DevProxy support

  • Replace jQuery with latest version

    • Fixes Adblocker Plus (ABP), Brave, and Adblocker issue with jQuery suppression


  • Remove conditionally visible elements

  • Remove gated content by User Accounts access group

  • Modify links to page-default settings such as rel=nofollow or target=_blank


// Some code
<script type="application/sa5-config">
    { "sitemap": { "lastUpdated": "2023-11-06" } },
    { "conditional": "remove" },
    { "nofollow": "external" }


  • HSON support


Worker route;

*domain.com/* -> webflow-page

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