What is Sygnal Attributes?

Webflow Utils ( WFU ), reloaded

In Jan-2023, Sygnal's Webflow Utils ( WFU ) library was renamed as Sygnal Attributes to align with our focus in easy integration into your Webflow projects.

It is still the same great library, still 100% open source, and 100% free to use.

In documentation we'll often abbreviate Sygnal Attributes as SA, however the attributes themselves will continue to use the legacy wfu- prefix for convenience.

Sygnal Attributes is a collection of JavaScript libraries that add functionality to Webflow sites. It focuses on overcoming certain limitations of Webflow, and adding certain capabilities.

Some of the most popular features include;

  • Data-binding form INPUT and SELECT elements to your collection lists

  • Adding custom attributes dynamically to elements within a collection list.

  • Adding tables support, with data sourced from Google Sheets

  • Multilingual support through language-detection and a dynamic content-switcher

All of these features work with Webflow’s native hosting, and are focused on creating as much capability within Webflow as possible - with no 3rd party plug-ins or monthly service fees.

This project is also a practical exploration into the use of Javascript ES6 modules, NPM, and other state-of-the art web dev technologies, and how they can be used to enhance Webflow sites.

This library will be expanded as needed, and broken into modules for convenient selection of the parts you need.

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