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User Custom Fields

Webflow Memberships allows for several custom field types as part of a User's account. These can be managed through;

  • The Designer user manager

  • The API

  • During Sign Up, if you add those fields to the UI

  • On the User Account screen, if you add those fields to the UI

CUI v3 aims to provide access to these fields both through Sygnal Attributes data-binding and directly through JavaScript. All fields will be part of the UserInfo object, as a map under the data element.

These will be named based on your defined field names, using Webflow's generated internal field names for each.

The Webflow CMS and User data storage systems generate internal field names based on the generated slug, however there are situations where the slug and the internal field name will mismatch. For example, if you rename your slug field, Webflow will keep the original name as its internal field name.

e.g. Full Name would be accessible in the user object as user.data.full-name

As of Feb-2023, these are Webflow's current field types, and our current plans;

Field TypeNotesPlanned Support

Plain Text

max 256 chars







Can be defined with a min, max, and step

Yes. Will be delivered as a string, so that a blank value is identifiable as "" rather than 0.


Pre-defined options that you choose

Yes. Will be delivered as the option value.





An uploaded file, such as a profile photo

Not in v3. Looking into how to retrieve the uploaded filename in the future.

Tools for user custom fields

Determine what custom fields are available, for data-binding

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