⏩ Future Plans & Ideas

Stuff we Think About

Much of the current advanced work we're doing with User Accounts utilizes a new framework we're developing called Hyperflow. It runs as a reverse proxy combined with integrated client-side libraries and offers a ton of advantages in capabilities and performance that the client-side only SA5 libs cannot.

User Info as a Storage Mechanism


  • Persistent User Preferences

  • Dashboard Configuration Settings

  • Works across Machines

  • User-specific for the Logged-in User


? Sync and timing concerns

? Flexibility

? Store JSON

? How large can a UserInfo custom field be?

External Storage and Sync

User META data

Single Sign On ( SSO ) Integrations

Some form of support through webhooks and feedback loops for signing in to external systems securely, based on a Webflow Memberships sign-in.

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