Global Data Source πŸ§ͺ

Store site-wide content so that it can be easily accessed and integrated

Not yet available for production use.

Use $global to access.

Use Cases

  • Hours of operation

  • Copyright notice

  • Primary phone

  • Primary email


Store an arbitrary global JSON object in site wide head, e.g.;

  "copyright": "Copyright 2024, Sygnal",
  "contact": {
    "email": "[email protected]" 

Overrides. Allow another object at the page head level that can override specific field values.

Reference values as needed, e.g.;

  • $global.copyright

  • $

Future Plans

Integration with Sygnal Hyperflow, and the ability to source data externally from an external KV store. API to allow for updates externally.

Potentially support multiple named global objects, with a default one.

Support for Sygnal HSON.

Possible support for special types or type-binding;

  • Plain-text

  • Numeric

  • Boolean ( conditional visibility )

  • HTML

    • Used for e.g. a copyright notice, or a chunk of content for hours of operation

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