URL Part Data Source

Get details of the current URL

Use Cases

  • Grab the current path of the page, and push it into a hidden field in your contact form so that you can track which page ( or collection page ) the form was submitted from.

Options & Examples

Examples here use the following URL for reference; https://example.com:8080/path/to/resource?query=value#section2

Data PathDescriptionExample


The entire URL



The origin of the URL, combining the protocol, domain, and port



The path section of the URL, which comes after the domain and before the query string



The entire query portion of the URL, including the leading question mark.

See Query Params to get individual params.



The protocol of the URL



Combines the hostname and the port ( if a port is specified )



The domain name or IP address part of the URL



The port number of the URL, if specified


Technical Notes

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