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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about the User Info lib

Can CUI be used to restrict the display of "user-linked" CMS items to a specific user?

Yes, you can, with some limitations. CUI's role here is in helping you to identify the currently logged-in user. The additional pieces you'd require are-

  1. A means to connect specific CMS items to specific Users. You'd need a CMS field to store the associated User's alt-id, or another unique identifier such as their email. You can do this manually, or Logic can do this for you when creating new CMS records from a form trigger.

  2. A custom script to filter your collection list accordingly. Sygnal Attributes has an advanced filtering capability that might help with this, or you can write your own filter / sort routine.

Note though two important caveats;

Data Security cannot be ensured. CUI phase 3 is built entirely using client-side scripting, so there is no way to fully secure a user's linked data from access by other users. Do not use this approach for sensitive information of any kind. Note that you can use Webflow's access-group gating to protect your collection page and collection lists from people outside of that access-group, but you cannot completely secure an individual's linked CMS data from other users in that same access-group.

This approach does not scale well. This approach works well for small data sets and low user counts. Since Webflow's collection lists do not support dynamic filtering, you need to load all of the user-linked data for every user, to find the current user's items. Among other things, this means working around Webflow's 100-item collection list limits.

There are some design techniques to mitigate this, contact us if you'd like to consult on design & programming approaches that can support this.

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