Webflow's UserID

How to get Webflow's UserID for the currently logged in user.

Webflow does not expose the UserID in an accessible way. This is a core limitation as it means you cannot capture information relating to the current user, and connect it to the user through Webflow's API - a key component of application builds.

Custom Data Workaround

If you use an automation platform like Make or Zapier, one possibility is to;

  • Create a custom user data field called user-id

  • Build an automation on the new-user-created Webflow API webhook

  • When this happens, grab the UserID, and then turn around and update your custom user data field on the same user record

  • Use SA5 Custom User Fields setup to access that data

Unlike CMS Item ID's Webflow's UserID's do not change even on a backup restore.


Sygnal has developed a new framework called Hyperflow which fully replaces the SA5 User Info library with a server-side solution that;

  • Requires zero site setup

  • Instantly retrieves the current user info with no delay

  • Can access the full user record

    • Name & Email

    • UserID

    • Access Groups

    • Custom User Fields

    • Utility Settings

  • Can use User data to do;

    • Personalization

    • App Builds

    • Paywalls

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